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Dales Trails - Walking in Northern England

From East Yorkshire's Wolds and Derbyshire's Peak District to the North Yorkshire Moors and Pennines, you will find the valleys among the rolling hills, the limestone scars, the gritstone ridges universally known as 'Dales'. This vast area provides some of the best & most varied walking opportunities in the country.

Dales Trails gives you some ideas how to explore Yorkshire and other parts of Northern England on foot, and find hidden delights off the beaten track. You can follow one of my medium distance Trans-Dales Trails, try one of my day walks as featured in 'Walking with Underwood' , or join one of the two Walking Clubs featured below.


Farndale Panorama/Photo © Arnold Underwood

Walks Photographs

Links to my walks photos will are compiled in the 'Photo Albums'page on this website

Click on Photo Albums link at the top of this page

There will still be the photo album link via Facebook after each walk.
However if you are not signed up to Facebook you can still see the albums of my most recent walks by following these links:

Walks earlier in the year are now on the 'Photo Albums' page

JUNE 2020
'Google photos - 7th June Hornsea; Suzie's Birthday Walk'
'Google photos - 14th June Huggate'
'Google photos - 21st June Sancton & Houghton Woods'
'Google photos - 28th June Newbald & Sancton Wolds'

'Google photos - 5th July Thixendale & Hanging Grimston'
'Google photos - 12th July Horcum & the Bridestones'
'Google photos - 19th July Afternoon walk via Leconfield'
'Google photos - 26th July Undulating walk from Lockton'

'Google photos - 2nd August Huggate Again'
'Google photos - 9th August Around Goathland'


With all Club Walks cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have dipped into the archives to feature walks from Five Years Ago
'Google photos - Five Years Ago: 28th June 2015 Alport Castles (Peak District)'
'Google photos - Five Years Ago: 5th-8th July 2015 Keswick (Lake District)'
'Google photos - Five Years Ago: 12th July 2015 Allerston & Troutsdale'
'Google photos - Five Years Ago: 19th July 2015 Lockton & the Bridestones'
'Google photos - Five Years Ago: 26th July 2015 Clumber Park'
'Google photos - Five Years Ago: 2nd Aug 2015 Millington & Kilnwick Percy'
'Google photos - Five Years Ago: 9th Aug 2015 Something Different - Drax'

e-mail: arnold.dalestrails@gmail.com



UPDATED - 10th Aug 2020 11.30am


The HDWC Committee has sadly made the decision to cancel all group walks and social activities until further notice.
This follows the Government advice to avoid all unnecessary social contact.
All members should have received an email update from the HDWC Chairman.

However fresh air and gentle exercise can do a world of good for your mental and physical health.
* Please bear in mind the current COVID-19 restrictions regarding groups (6 people maximum) and social distancing within your group and when encountering other walkers *
The advice from the government is that unless you are showing symptoms, you can walk outside whilst staying a safe distance from others and with no more than 6 people in a group.

(This information based on that issued by The Ramblers HQ to its Groups and Members)



Enforced 'social distancing' due to the Coronavrus Pandemic has given me the opportunity to complete the upload of the remaining chapters of my Pennine Way adventure, completed 30 years ago in May/June 1990.
The second half of Pennine Way Conquered (Days 9 - 15, Baldersdale to Kirk Yetholm), can be viewed by following this link:
Pennine Way Conquered Part 2.







Although there has been some relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions there wwil not be any scheduled Club walks for the time being



Sherwood Forest/ Photo by Arnold Underwood, July 25th 2010

'Those were the Days' - Another walk in the woods - HDWC at the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, July 25th 2010, by Arnold Underwood


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Members of Hornsea and Leven Walking Clubs can take advantage of some wonderful bargains

Tog 24 is a Yorkshire Company, established in 1958, specialising in Outdoor & Leisure wear.



Rachel's Walnut Cottage Tea Room

Tearoom Garden Open - For Tea, Coffee, Homemade Cakes & Scones
Also Pick-up and Delivery

See FACEBOOK 'Hobsons in Huggate'



New walks will be added regularly to give a selection of walks for you to experience England's Landscape at its finest.
See Walking with Underwood.


* Please bear in mind the current COVID-19 restrictions regarding groups (6 people maximum) and social distancing within your group and when encountering other walkers*

East Yorkshire Wolds

Parking near Millington Church.

This walk takes you over the wolds down to the hamlet of Givendale with the little St Ethelburga's church in a picturesque setting.
Continuing towards Grimthorpe Wood there are views over the Vale of York before returningto Millington by way of field paths and minor roads (6½ miles)

This link below opens my photo album for this walk and provides a pictorial guide of the route:

'Google photos - Millington & Givendale'


Please do not print the route maps - purchase the relevant OS Map (Explorer 294) or subscribe to the OS Maps website 'OS Maps Online'



Trans-Dales Trails

Booklets for my three Trans-Dales Trails are now out of print, but it is intended to make these routes available as free PDF file downloads.
Trans-Dales Trail 2 and Trans-Dales Trail 3 are now available to download. Go to Trans-Dales Trail 2 or Trans-Dales Trail 3 and follow the links.
Trans Dale Trail 1 will be available in this format in due course




With the spread of COVID-19 in the UK having'peaked' the Government continued to relax the 'Lockdown' rules. We could now meet in groups of up to six, outdoors, and in some situations up to 30 people could meet whilst still maintaining the 2 metre 'social distancing'. Some pubs, cafés, and restaurants reopened, particularly where outdoor seating was available to allow groups (bubbles) to meet but still social distance from others. Ann was slowly recovering from her earlier 'set-back', so I continued to limit my walks to Sundays for the time being.

Sunday 5th July
Today I met up with Caroline in Thixendale for another walk on the Yorkshire Wolds. The village was full of parked cars most belonging to walkers who had to make their own way to Thixendale rather than car-sharing due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. Most of these walkers appeared to be heading off along the Wolds Way, so we opted for a less popular route, heading up Milham Dale into a very strong headwind towards Thixendale Grange. After passing four walkers near there we didn't encounter any other walkers until Beamer Hill, nearly back into Thixendale. The weather was really unseasonal with a very strong westerly wind, cloud and occasional light rain and feeling quite cold (Caroline's fingers turned white!) then the sun would come out and it would feel hot for a short time, until the next big cloud arrived. We walked along Hanging Grimston Brow overlooking the very deep Deep Dale and then turned down into Brown Moor Dale with the wind now behind us. The sun came out so we made our lunch stop in the Dale overlooking an overgrown pond - a rarity on the chalk Wolds, here created by springs bubbling out of the ground. However soon more clouds appeared bringing light drizzle, so we moved on now wearing waterproof tops to keep out the wind and rain. At the bottom of Brownmoor Dale we joined the a road for a while before escaping to access land along the slopes of Water Dale. Climbing gradually we were soon high above the road with a great view up and down the Dale. There were many butterflies, particularly Marbled Whites, struggling with windy conditions. Many could be seen clinging to the flowers of thistles on the hillside. Along the top of the dale, on Cow Wold, we encountered many sheep including a two-toned half white, half brown lamb, which we think was the same one as the young lamb seen in Thixendale a couple of months ago. We passed the resident Highland cows then joined the Wolds Way on Beamer Hill, and headed down into Thixendale, to complete a walk of about 7 miles.

Sunday 12th July
With good weather forecast I arranged to meet Caroline at the disused quarry near Lockton on the North York Moors for a walk that would take us initially towards the Hole of Horcum. We set off past Warren Farm and across the high pastures which were home to herds of cattle with many calves. After posing by the owl on the post we had to cross a tall ladder stile - as I negotiated the big step to the ground my shorts split, much to Caroline's amusement. Fortunately not too much was revealed, just leg! Reaching the edge of the Hole of Horcum, we opted to stay along the top were a faint path through bracken brought us back to the main road and the car park overlooking the Hole. Moving quickly on we headed along Old Wife's Way with views across to Blakey Topping. We decided to continue across Bridestones Moor and this time cross the Griff to the High Bridestones where we took our lunch break. After lunch we dropped down into a delightful little valley, Dovedale, which brought us to Low Staindale. We then followed Pasture Road almost all the way back to the cars. The main interest now was the busy farming activity involving hay-making - turning, baling, and wrapping the silage in plastic. Then we cut down past the disused quarries to complete a walk of about 8 miles.

Sunday 19th July
Because Caroline had an opticians appointment at 12 noon, our planned Sunday walk was changed to a local afternoon walk - a brisk 7½ miles from Grange Way, Beverley via the disused railway and Leconfield, which included paths we hadn't walked before! The path via Rose Cottage Farm passed the site of the Medieval Village of Ravensthorpe (of which no evidence remains) and the site of Leconfield Castle, the overgrown moat of which is just visible through the trees. Our route followed a path alongside the boundary of Normandy Barracks - the Army Driver Training School, and across an area known as Leconfield Parks, where we spotted a pair of roe deer in the corn field, before we joined the footpath/cycle way alongside Grange Way to the end of our walk.

Sunday 26th July
It terms of distance, this walk was less than 7 miles but in those few miles we attained over 1500ft of ascent!. I met Caroline near Lockton Cemetery, a popular starting point for walkers including four other HDWC walkers who were there more than an hour before us for their walk. We set off by crossing the A169 and heading across a barley field and down through trees towards Staindale Lodge. Here an annoying little footpath diversion involves a short steep up, then down, around the Lodge. In fact I did this short steep up twice, because, distracted by repairing a footpath sign at the bottom, I had got most of the way up the hill before I realised I had left my pole at the bottom! No sooner were we down again it was a long up through the trees to pass the Fox & Rabbit Inn. Safely across the very busy A169 there next came the long gradual descent down the very pleasant Cross Dale to Farwath. From Farwath we had choices, depending on whether we wanted to face 1, 2, or 3 more climbs. We opted for 2, which was more or less what I had in mind anyway. Crossing the beck we followed the muddy track down the dale then forked right up a good track that heads up through the wooded hillside. Strangely this track is not shown on OS maps, but it is access land. near the top the track is joined by a bridleway (shown on maps) and twist and turns to the top where it becomes Little Field Lane. Here we found a sunny spot for lunch, but sheltered from the brisk wind. From the lane we joined a little-used path looping below Levisham village to briefly join the road before taking the track down to roofless abandoned St Mary's Church. From there just the 'sting in the tale' - the final long steep drag up the wooded hillside to reach the picturesque Lockton village.

Links to Photos of these walks can be found at the top of this page or on the Photo Albums page. Click on this link: Photo Albums



30 years ago myself and three friends completed the Pennine Way from Edale in Derbyshire to Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders.
The document telling the story of that epic adventure has just come to light after being thought lost.
Written back in 1990 using a Commodore 64 computer and saved to a long-lost 5¼" floppy disk, this printed draft was the only copy of our story.
As I laboriously re-type the document, I will 'serialise' it on this website in 15 chapters, one for each day of or walk.
So if you are interested (Days 1 - 8, Edale to Baldersdale), follow this link Pennine Way Conquered Part 1.


Enforced 'social distancing' due to the Coronavrus Pandemic has given me the opportunity to complete the upload of the remaining chapters of my Pennine Way adventure, completed almost 30 years ago in May/June 1990.
The second half of Pennine Way Conquered (Days 9 - 15, Baldersdale to Kirk Yetholme), can be viewed by following this link Pennine Way Conquered Part 2.


Dales Trails Photo Galleries

See my Dales Trails Photo Albums for a photo record of walks by Hornsea and Leven Walking Clubs

Links to recent walks photo albums are shown at the top of this page.


Welcome to the Trans-Dales Trails

These Trails, Trans-Dales Trail 1, Trans-Dales Trail 2 and Trans-Dales Trail 3, are each about sixty miles in length and can be comfortably completed by anyone that is reasonably fit in five days, with four nights Bed & Breakfast accommodation.
The routes establish links across the Yorkshire Dales using some of the public rights of way that are less frequently walked.
There are three booklets in the Trans-Dale Trail series, each giving a detailed description of the route.

The booklets are now out of print, but it is intended that the routes will be downloadable for FREE as PDF files.
Currently Trans-Dales Trail 2 and Trans-Dales Trail 3 are available as PDF files.

Arnold Underwood (Dales Trails)
41 The Orchard
East Yorkshire
HU17 5QA
e-mail: arnold.dalestrails@gmail.com


Me, near Sleights/ from a photo by Sheila Button/Aug 2008

The Author

Arnold Underwood is an experienced walker and a leader of his local walking club. He lives near Beverley and is the East Yorkshire correspondent for Country Walking magazine. He has walked the Ridgeway (1983), the Pennine Way (1990), the Dales Way (1993), and A Bowland - Dales Traverse (1994), the latter two with Peter Tomkinson. He has walked much in the Yorkshire Dales, Moors, and Wolds, including completing the Three Peaks, Lyke Wake, and Saltergate challenge walks - the last two again with PeterTomkinson.

Arnold devised the three Trails with the help of Peter Tomkinson, and together they walked each of the routes - Trail 1 in 1995, Trail 2 in 1996, and Trail 3 in 1997.
Peter Tomkinson is a former Scout Leader, and as such has done much walking in all terrains and in all conditions. In addition to those walks mentioned above he has also completed the Cleveland Way, Minster Way and the Ebor Way.

Heading back to Keswick through Brunholme Woods/from a photo by Arnold Underwood/8th Aug 2008

Leven Walking Club

Leven Walking Club on Knapton Brow (Yorkshire Wolds)/from a photo by Arnold Underwood/Mar 16th 2014

Leven Walking Club is a long-established club. Members suggestions result in a varied programme of walks on the Yorkshire Wolds, North York Moors and elsewhere.
Go to Calendar for walking programme.

For further information contact Arnold Underwood on 01964 543883 or 07989 292522.

Read Bogtrotter's report in each issue of Leven Life.

Leven Walking Club logo

Since 2017 the Walks Programmes for both Clubs have been fully integrated, with LWC on the 3rd Sunday and HDWC on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Sundays each month

Stuart snaps the view of Grasmere from Tarn Crag/from a photo by Arnold Underwood/13th Aug 2009

Crossing Arnagill Moor/from a photo by Arnold Underwood/23rd Aug 2009

Heading down Howl Dale/from a photo by Arnold Underwood/20th Sept 2009

Hornsea District Walking Club

Hornsea District Walking Club on Fraisthorpe Beach/photo by Arnold Underwood/Jan 2019

Hornsea District Walking Club is an independent club relying on its members for suggesting and leading the variety of walks. Go to Calendar for walking programme.

For further information contact Club Chairperson Joyce Davidson or Walks Secretary Arnold Underwood (07989 292522)

Stuart Kemp's report in each issue of the Hornsea Community News.

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