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Dales Trails

From the Yorkshire Wolds, Dales, and Moors to Derbyshire's Peak District, and beyond
with Leven Walking Club and Hornsea District Walking Club
These Photo Albums illustrate many of the places visited by myself and members of these two walking clubs in recent years

All photos Arnold Underwood, unless otherwise stated.

Click on a link below to open a photo album:

JULY 2021
'Google photos - 4th July 2021 Sledmere'
'Google photos - 7th July 2021 HDWC Leven Evening Walk'
'Google photos - 11th July 2021 Huggate'
'Google photos - 14th July 2021 HDWC Brandesburton Evening Walk'
'Google photos - 18th July 2021 Warter to Nunburnholme'
'Google photos - 21st July 2021 HDWC Seaton Evening Walk'
'Google photos - 22nd July 2021 Bainton & Kilnwick'
'Google photos - 25th July 2021 Thixendale'

JUNE 2021
'Google photos - 6th June 2021 Warter & Blanch Farm'
'Google photos - 13th June 2021 HDWC Fridaythorpe'
'Google photos - 27th June 2021 Wharram Loop'

MAY 2021
'Google photos - 2nd May 2021 Bishop Wilton & Fangfoss'
'Google photos - 9th May 2021 Hotham Carrs'
'Google photos - 16th May 2021 Everingham & Seaton Ross'
'Google photos - 23rd May 2021 Kirby Underdale & Deep Dale'
'Google photos - 30th May 2021 Westow, Howsham & Kirkham'

APRIL 2021
'Google photos - 4th April 2021 Bishop Wilton'
'Google photos - 11th April 2021 Goodmanham-Londesborough Loops'
'Google photos - 18th April 2021 Leavening, Birdsall & Burythorpe'
'Google photos - 25th April 2021 Huggate to Warrendale, & back'

MARCH 2021
'Google photos - 7th March 2021 Around Wayrham Way'
'Google photos - 14th March 2021 Kirby Grindalythe & West Lutton'
'Google photos - 21st March 2021 Fridaythorpe - tops of the dales'
'Google photos - 28th March 2021 North Cave'

'Google photos - 10th Feb 2021 Leven - The Yarrows'
'Google photos - 17th Feb 2021 Leven - Sandholme'
'Google photos - 21st Feb 2021 North Dalton & Bainton'
'Google photos - 28th Feb 2021 Kirby Grindalythe'

'Google photos - 1st Jan 2021 New Year's Day Walk - Leven'
'Google photos - 3rd Jan 2021 Newbald & Hunsley'
'Google photos - 10th Jan 2021 Arram Local Walk'
'Google photos - 17th Jan 2021 Round via Huggate'
'Google photos - 24th Jan 2021 Goodmanham & Kiplingcotes'
'Google photos - 31st Jan 2021 A Walk from North Dalton'

'Google photos - 6th Dec Watton & Kilnwick'
'Google photos - 13th Dec Huggate'
'Google photos - 20th Dec Fridaythorpe & Fairy Dale'
'Google photos - 27th Dec Fridaythorpe Again'

'Google photos - 1st Nov Helmsley to Riccal Dale'
'Google photos - 8th Nov Wharram-le-Street'
'Google photos - 15th Nov Warter'
'Google photos - 22nd Nov Falling Foss Adventure'
'Google photos - 29th Nov Amotherby in the Mist'

'Google photos - 4th Oct Millington & Kilnwick Percy'
'Google photos - 11th Oct Hutton-le-Hole & Shepherd's Nab'
'Google photos - 18th Oct Hovingham & Nunnington'
'Google photos - 25th Oct Around Goathland via Hazel Head'


'Google photos - 6th Sept Northdale & Simon Howe'
'Google photos - 13th Sept Robin Hood's Bay'
'Google photos - 20th Sept Newton-on-Rawcliffe'
'Google photos - 27th Sept Goathland & Grosmont'

'Google photos - 2nd August Huggate Again'
'Google photos - 9th August Around Goathland'
'Google photos - 16th August Bishop Wilton'
'Google photos - 20th August Leven Canal'
'Google photos - 30th August Pickering'

JULY 2020
'Google photos - 5th July Thixendale & Hanging Grimston'
'Google photos - 12th July Horcum & the Bridestones'
'Google photos - 19th July Afternoon walk via Leconfield'
'Google photos - 26th July Undulating walk from Lockton'

JUNE 2020
'Google photos - 7th June Hornsea; Suzie's Birthday Walk'
'Google photos - 14th June Huggate'
'Google photos - 21st June Sancton & Houghton Woods'
'Google photos - 28th June Newbald & Sancton Wolds'

MAY 2020
'Google photos - 3rd May Hull Bridge to Leven'
'Google photos - 7th May Hull Bridge & Aike'
'Google photos - 14th May Fridaythorpe & Thixendale'
'Google photos - 17th May Fridaythorpe via Pluckham Farm'
'Google photos - 21st May Millington & Givendale'
'Google photos - 24th May North Grimston'
'Google photos - 28th May Hutton-le-Hole'
'Google photos - 31st May The Heslertons'

APRIL 2020
'Google photos - 16th April Leven to Hull Bridge'
'Google photos - 23rd April Leven to the River Hull and back'
'Google photos - 26th April Hull Bridge & Arram'
'Google photos - 30th April Beverley Westwood'

MARCH 2020
'Google photos - 1st March Thornton-le-Dale'
'Google photos - 6th March Hornsea & Wassand'
'Google photos - 8th March Fridaythorpe Figure 8'
'Google photos - 12th March Risby Park & Walkington'
'Google photos - 13th & 14th March Trip to London'
'Google photos - 15th March Wharram & Grimston'
'Google photos - 19th March Allerthorpe Common'
'Google photos - 22nd March Bridestones Revisited'

From March 2020 all Club Walks cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.
In line with Government Instructions all my walks from this date have been done by myself alone or in groups of no more than six, maintaining SOCIAL DISTANCING

'Google photos - 27th March Leven to Hempholme Bridge'


'Google photos - 2nd Feb North Cave & Hotham'
'Google photos - 7th Feb Back to Le Street'
'Google photos - 16th Feb Londesborough Snowdrop Sunday'
'Google photos - 23rd Feb Huggate & Haywold'


'Google photos - 1st Jan 2020 Skipsea New Year's Day Walk'
'Google photos - 5th Jan Wharram & Raisthorpe'
'Google photos - 9th Jan Barton-upon-Humber'
'Google photos - 12th Jan Leven - Rise - Hornsea'
'Google photos - 16th Jan Cloughton'
'Google photos - 19th Jan North Newbald'
'Google photos - 23rd Jan Wheeldale'
'Google photos - 26th Jan Driffield Wold'
'Google photos - 30th Jan Barton-le-Street'

'Google photos - 5th Dec Kilnwick Percy'
'Google photos - 15th Dec North Cave'
'Google photos - 19th Dec Reighton Sands'
'Google photos - 22nd Dec Huggate Tops & Trails'
'Google photos - 29th Dec Fraisthorpe..again'

'Google photos - 10th Nov Cropton & Sinnington'
'Google photos - 14th Nov Hovingham'
'Google photos - 17th Nov Kirkham, Crambeck & Whitwell'
'Google photos - 21st Nov Fother Dale & Pluckham Dale'
'Google photos - 24th Nov Bishop Wilton'

'Google photos - 3rd Oct Lockton,Horcum & Bridestones'
'Google photos - 10th Oct Ravenscar & Stoupe Brow'
'Google photos - 13th Oct Lockton & Levisham Station'
'Google photos - 17th Oct North Cave & Hotham'
'Google photos - 20th Oct Thixendale & Kirby Underdale'
'Google photos - 24th Oct Flamborough Head'
'Google photos - 27th Oct Fountains, Markenfield & Studley Park'
'Google photos - 31st Oct Goathland & Two Howes Rigg'

'Google photos - Sept 1st Hackness'
'Google photos - Sept 5th Fridaythorpe'
'Google photos - Sept 8th Peak District - Ladybower'
'Google photos - Sept 12th Goodmanham & Londesborough'
'Google photos - Sept 15th Terrington & City of Troy'
'Google photos - Sept 19th Goathland Moor'
'Google photos - Sept 22nd The other side from Goathland'
'Google photos - Sept 26th Wharram Percy & Fairy Dale'
'Google photos - Sept 28th Rail Ale Trail'
'Google photos - Sept 29th Goathland NYMR Steam Gala'


'Google photos - Aug 4th Sheriff Hutton'
'Google photos - Aug 8th Pickering'
'Google photos - Aug 11th Chop Gate'
'Google photos - Aug 15th The Wharrams'
'Google photos - Aug 18th Alkborough'
'Google photos - Aug 23rd Garrowby Top'
'Google photos - Aug 25th Hutton-le-Hole'
'Google photos - Aug 29th Low Hutton Loops'

JULY 2019
'Google photos - July 4th Ravenscar & Stoupe Brow'
'Google photos - July 7th Bempton Cliffs'
'Google photos - July 12th Reighton & Speeton'
'Google photos - July 14th Hawnby to Paradise'
'Google photos - July 18th Huggate & Fridaythorpe'
'Google photos - July 21st Ripley & Burn Yates'
'Google photos - July 29th Snowdon Conquered'
'Google photos - July 28th to Aug 2nd Golden Anniversary Week'
'Google photos - July 29th Snowdon Conquered'

JUNE 2019
'Google photos - June 2nd Gillamoor & Hutton-le-Hole'
'Google photos - June 9th Langdale & Broxa Forest'
'Google photos - June 16th Filey, Gristhorpe, and Muston'
'Google photos - June 20th Thixendale & Hanging Grimston'
'Google photos - June 23rd Helmsley, Pockley, & Harome'
'Google photos - June 27th Levisham - Bottoms & Tops'

MAY 2019
'Google photos - May 2nd Wolds Way & Tour de Yorkshire'
'Google photos - May 5th Fordon & Cans Dale'
'Google photos - May 10th Hovingham/Howardian Hills'
'Google photos - May 12th Thurgoland Boundary Walk'
'Google photos - May 16th Around Goathland'
'Google photos - May 19th Stamford Bridge & Hagg Wood'
'Google photos - May 24th Teesdale Day One - Egglestone Abbey'
'Google photos - May 25th Teesdale Day Two - Bowlees & Upper Teesdale'
'Google photos - May 26th Teesdale Day Three - Bowlees & Coldberry Gutter'
'Google photos - May 27th Teesdale Day Four - Cotherstone & Romaldkirk'
'Google photos - May 30th Huggate & Wetwang'

APRIL 2019
'Google photos - April 28th Sherburn & Heslerton Wold'
'Google photos - April 26th Newbald & Sancton Wolds'
'Google photos - April 21st Lockton & the Bridestones'
'Google photos - April 18th Wayrham & South Wold Dale'
'Google photos - April 14th Roche Abbey'
'Google photos - April 7th Cottam'
'Google photos - April 4th Fridaythorpe'

MARCH 2019
'Google photos - March 31st Mauley Cross & Newtondale'
'Google photos - March 24th Gillamoor & Farndale'
'Google photos - March 22nd Garrowby Hill'
'Google photos - March 17th Huggate & Tundale'
'Google photos - March 14th Huggate'
'Google photos - March 10th Worlaby'
'Google photos - March 3rd Bishop Wilton'



'Google photos - Oct 18th-20th Isle of Man (Part One)'

'Google photos - Oct 20th-22nd Isle of Man (Part Two)'


Cotterdale, Yorkshire Dales
Newlands Valley from Dale Head
Hawkley, Hampshire
Snow on the Wolds
Colne Valley Way
Setting off from Blanchland, Northumberland
High Stile and Buttermere
Hayburn Wyke
Near Hathersage, Derbys
Thixendale in the snow
End of Coast to Coast
Near Wass, North Yorks
River Wharfe near Grassington
Dalby Forest Centre
On Danby Beacon, NYM
On Narrowdale Hill, Derbys
Millington, Yorkshire Wolds

This page was created by
Arnold Underwood

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